poofywings replied to your post: why do people hate justin bieber so much that is…

People hate how ridiculous his fans act, I think. It’s kinda like Twilight. There are a lot of people who just can’t stand the crazy fans.

how come everyone loves the beatles then

  1. sonnelittle said: He escuchado que lo odian por ser un idol, mucha gente piensa que idol joven= musica pop, y musica pop= musica horrenda. Hay veces en las que veo a gente odiarlo por que esta “de moda”.
  2. grim-revolution said: I’m just not a fan of his music. I don’t hate him as a person cause I’ve never met him, but I just… don’t like his music. I’d rather listen to anything else.
  3. vampiredrool said: their music is better
  4. sweggscellent said: i think it’s mostly a case of mass hysteria or whatever. i know a lot of my friends hate the biebs because everyone does???? which is really stupid imo
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