Y'all are such good artists, I swear. Two years later and I'm still colored impressed. Keep up the awesome work.

thank you so much pluto!!

TRIPLE COLLAB WITH SKULLY AND HIME!!! bad kids in formalwear edition

all the pictures are captioned if you click them so you know who did what but in case you cant read them for some reason:

jericho: skullys sketch, himes lineart, my colors
emm: himes sketch, my lineart, skullys colors
notstar: my sketch, skullys lineart, himes colors

ive been trying to keep it cool this whole time but the truth is im very
o|—————< about being able to work on these with hime and skully goshdiddlydang…………………this was so much fun and i cant get enough of their art or these three kids and im hoping we can do something like this again someday maybe :’)

Anonymous said:hey i know you&#8217;re watching the world cup and I know you probably have an assfull of requests but if you in some way find any time could you draw Johnny the notstar playing football?? germany&#8217;s red and black jerseys remind so of his shirt i cant help it

i got this ask on my main a few days ago and i finally got around drawing it because i couldnt resist (germany is my favorite team)

i got this ask on my main a few days ago and i finally got around drawing it because i couldnt resist (germany is my favorite team)


im sorry it always seems like im in a bad mood when i update this blog

i was in a good mood this time for once but then i remembered why i dont like getting on this blog at all. because this stuff happens 8 out of 10 times i get on this blog i get someone thinking im an asshole because they decided to interpret what i said in the most asshole way possible because apparently thats how many people see me now, as an asshole

you guys dont know how hard i try to stay here and update and enjoy myself but goddamn some people love to make things harder for me or some shit

im sorry i know im not the sweetest guy ever but i really try not to be an asshole even though ive gotten some rude shit this past year or so, so excuse me if i seem wary of anons sometimes (and by telling me im being rude to anons when im not just makes me even more wary because guess what nobody likes being made to look like an asshole)

i am very private, i have a very sarcastic sense of humor and i am certainly not the friendliest to strangers but im not an asshole and if i seem like an asshole im probably just pissed off and/or tired

and if i do something that offends you or hurts you please tell me so i can personally apologize because *GASP* SURPRISE! i dont actually mean to offend or hurt people

i cant believe i have to explain myself like this

p.s. this is all pent up shit from the past year and not directed to that anon in particular, just so you all know im not some overreacting diva or some shit (i know it probably seems that way)

hehehe what if rocky and spook had children, if that were possible what do you think they'd look like....

would it be rude of me if i answered this anon ask with a harmless joke


im legitimately surprised that someone would ask me about skully considering his art and shenanigans take up a good part of this blog most of the time (when i update it) but i didnt even mean it in like a ‘are u stupid’ way i was literally just surprised

and if it was that thing i said to the anon who asked if i was watching the world cup  that was me being amused at the irony of someone asking me that after spending a good while liveblogging the world cup today honestly that was just me being like ‘haha funny you mention that’

if i was rude i honestly did not mean to

ill never get over how rude you are to anons omg


What happened to skully? Did they change their url or get off tumblr all together?

im surprised you ask that considering i reblog his art almost whenever i update this blog………


ASK BLOG TATTOOS FOR SIMS 3!!!! with spook, rocky, one, swag, dani, and nyx~ and some long-winded notes pls excuse

  • they’re not ACTUALLY tattoos in-game because you can only put tattoos on certain body parts. so i made them as accessories instead; they’re technically listed under socks
  • i included piercings (from the neck down because that’s all that’s allowed with the way i did this) so u don’t have to use up like all the accessory slots just with piercings bc these kids have like 20 each. so they’re 2D but they’re there
  • that includes nipples but since u can’t see naked ladies by default i’m not actually sure if they’re placed correctly but;;;; they should be, if you have the cheats to see them
  • i also added scars for dani and spook and one!!! they actually;;; don’t look as nice as i want; i’ll fix them another time but they’re decent enough to upload for now
  • also the scars are only below the neck but i’m gonna try to do spook’s another way, maybe costume makeup?
  • i also didn’t do spook’s sleeves because im not fucking insane I’LL GET TO THEM EVENTUALLY just consider this slightly in the past pls
  • wtf i need to download a better skintone for spook


(to install them put them in “Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages”)


And I loved that little game you had called"Crying Lightning"
i wanted to try something more bold ay


And I loved that little game you had called
"Crying Lightning"

i wanted to try something more bold ay